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20 Questions to ask before hiring a DJ

Hiring a DJ shouldn't feel like a job interview, but there are some basic (and some not so basic) questions, that you should be asking your DJ when trying to find the best person to represent you.

Your DJ will likely play a large role in the overall success of your wedding day. Their ability to answer the following questions, and HOW they answer the questions will help determine if they will be the best fit for you.

Let's jump right in! Easy questions first, with some tougher ones later!

  1. Are you available on my wedding date?  Likely the first question you should ask

  2. How many weddings/events do you perform at each year? The answer to this question should include WHY they chose that number as the target amount of events they want to work each year.

  3. Do you specialize in one type of event? Like any occupation, specialization often leads to the best results. 

  4. Are you insured?  Simply put, the answer should ALWAYS be YES. Many venues now require your vendors to provide proof of insurance to perform at their venue.

  5. How much do you charge/Do you offer packages? Answers here may be all over the board. From $500 - $5,000 and up. The more important question here is "How much VALUE will you provide me" The answer to that is subjective, and often found through a face to face meeting. If you want a better idea on what to expect at each price point, check out my blog on How Much You Should Spend On A DJ 

  6. Are there any additional costs for travel, set-up, take down, etc...? Hidden or extra costs should be discussed up front

  7. How do you accept payments? Does your DJ make it easy to make payments how you would prefer to make them?

  8. Have you worked at the venue before? If they haven't, are they willing to visit the space prior to your event to get a better understanding of the logistics?

  9. How do you keep your music library current? If they aren't purchasing all of the music they will be playing, RUN!

  10. Am I able to make my own music choice? You absolutely want some input and oversight. How will they make this easy for you?

  11. Do you offer anything to help me through the planning process? Another way your DJ can simplify the planning experience is to have tools/apps available for you to use

  12. Do you have a back up plan in place for you and/or equipment? Things happen. How will your DJ handle them to ensure you are taken care of?

  13. What will you wear? You don't want to be surprised or disappointed by their choice of attire

  14. Have you worked with (do you enjoy) Wedding Planners?  Communication and the ability to collaborate is vital when working with other professional vendors.

  15. Why did you become a DJ and have those reasons changed over time? This should be a fun question to answer!

  16. Do you also make announcements, act as an MC? Formal events often require someone to act as an MC and guide the events as they unfold.

  17. How would you define your "Style" as a DJ/MC? Will their style match the vibe you are trying to create?

  18. What type of formal training have you had? Like any profession, the pursuit to constantly improve on ones self often determines their success. Is your DJ willing to spend money on self improvement and performance training?

  19. Do you have a clear and defined process to guarantee the best results?  What steps has your DJ put in place to guide you through their planning process? How many times will you meet? Are there clear goals defined for each meeting? The best results come from careful and intentional planning.

  20. Who or What inspires you? Here's a chance for the DJ to reveal their passion as an individual, and what drives them to be successful.

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