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Eric Jaeger

MB Events is an entirely different approach to weddings and events. My philosophy is based on creating unique experiences. I act as your Entertainment Designer as well as a professionally trained Master of Ceremonies. Keeping a packed dance floor is great, but it isn’t the only measure of a truly memorable wedding. I will help you create a customized and memorable event.

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My Story

Meet Eric Jaeger, a dynamic individual who has truly mastered the art of balancing two extraordinary careers. With a commendable 25-year tenure as a Career Firefighter and Senior Captain at the Hammond Fire Department, Eric exemplifies courage, dedication, and a commitment to serving others. Simultaneously, he seamlessly transitions into the exciting world of entertainment as a seasoned Wedding and Special Event DJ and Master of Ceremonies.

Eric's journey in the entertainment industry spans over two decades, marked by active participation in industry conferences and invaluable mentorship from industry leaders. His formal training with Second City in Chicago has further refined his craft, providing him with a unique ability to craft impactful moments that transcend conventional musical boundaries.

As an original member of the North American Collective of Entertainment Designers, Eric passionately advocates for ongoing training and development within the realm of event entertainment. He plays a pivotal role in raising the bar for excellence in the industry, ensuring that fellow entertainers continue to evolve and deliver exceptional experiences.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Eric revels in the power of storytelling, which he considers the most potent force in the world. Whether orchestrating unforgettable memories at events or courageously dousing flames in the line of duty, Eric's diverse interests converge in meaningful conversations over bourbon and cigars, surrounded by cherished friends.

Ultimately, family gives Eric his purpose.  His wife Trysh (Trysh Jaeger Photography) has always stood by his side and often leads the way.  His 5 children are different in every way possible and each one gives him an intense sense of pride for all their accomplishments.  Love for family and friends drives Eric to provide the best possible experience with each couple he works with.  Helping them write the script for their Wedding Day and skillfully directing each moment to perfection.


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