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This is it!  The big question.  How much will all of this cost me? 


So often, we receive calls or online inquiries from people, and the conversation usually starts with "Are you available?" and "How much do you charge?"  These are definitely important questions.  First, if we are not available, we will supply you with some recommendations of other DJ's in the area that we work closely with, and may be available for your date.  But, if we are indeed available, the next logical question may be "How much?"  This is where you will get a lot of different answers, depending on who you are talking with.  What goes into coming up with a "price"?  Where will you find value in the DJ you choose?  To get a better idea of what DJ's in Chicagoland and NW Indiana are charging, I've broken it down for you here -

How much should a Wedding DJ Cost?

Now that you have a better idea of what Wedding DJ's charge, and what you can get at each price range you just have to ask yourself "How do I want to remember my wedding?"  Want a packed dance floor all night long?  Sure, that's the easy part.  Want EPIC moments you can relive forever?  Want your guests to tell you that you had the best wedding they have ever been to?  Want something different from every other wedding you have been to?

Pricing for weddings starts at $4000.  Curious what you get for that?  Contact us to schedule an appointment!

"MB Events were awesome. Our wedding was this past April and I can not begin to express how special things were because of the service we received. The time to sit down and talk with us, learn about what we wanted, and create ideas how to make it happen were well worth it. I would say that the experience we had was definitely one of a kind. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for DJ services."

 Planning your Wedding just got a whole lot easier! 
Check out the video below!
Want to start creating your Amazing memories? Let's Talk.  (219) 313-0974
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