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"The Music Boyz filled our wedding day with music and perfectly set the mood - one word for them AMAZING!!!"


"Your Creativeness and Passion is the reason why our wedding will be remembered forever"


"I highly recommend. Not Cheesy, totally classy and hip. They make you feel as special as you should during this process... not something you would neccesarily expect from the DJ service. Check them out, you will not be disappointed!"


What story do you want to remember on your wedding day?  

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My Story



How did I come up with the name “The Music Boyz”? It all started over 20 years ago. At the time, myself (Eric Jaeger), and 2 of my very good friends thought it would be a great idea to start a DJ Company. We loved music, and loved the idea of entertaining people. Less than a year later, The Music Boyz was down to a single person, you guessed it, me. Today, I have re-branded as MB Events. MB Events is an entirely different approach to weddings. My philosophy is based on outcomes. I act as your Entertainment Designer as well as a professionally trained Master of Ceremonies. Keeping a packed dance floor is great, but it isn’t the only measure of a truly memorable wedding.


The early years consisted of many late nights DJ’ing in local nightclubs. I learned to DJ from area DJ’s that I have the utmost respect for! Watching, learning, and hours of practice on Technic 1200 Turntables. Lugging around crates of records everywhere I DJ’ed. Playing in a club that caters to a 30 something crowd, when you are just 20 years old can be a challenge. But that experience helped expand, and shape my musical knowledge far more than anything else I could have done. I DJ’ed in night clubs throughout Northwest Indiana and Chicago for 10 years. The experience I gained, entertaining a crowd through music choices, mixing and blending skills, as well as catering to requests helped shape the DJ I am today.


After the nightclubs, I started performing at more and more weddings. My peak was in 2009, when I performed at 112 events! It was also at that time, I started adding more services, with uplighting being the first of many. By 2012 I was getting burnt out. While I still had the passion, I knew there was something missing. My wife (Trysh), who is also an amazing photographer (Trysh Jaeger Photography), helped me identify what was missing. A connection with my couples. I was great at keeping the dance floor packed all night long, but I didn’t have an emotional connection. It was then, that I decided to perform at far less weddings, and invest much more time with each couple. Building real relationships. Getting to know them, and their story.


I sought out the help of Nationally recognized DJ’s. Leaders in the industry. I started attending conferences, and classes. Furthering my education by taking a Mic Skills Workshop (Chicago), the Entertainment Experience Workshop (Minneapolis), Master of Ceremonies Workshop (Charlotte), Love Story Workshop (Las Vegas), and Storytelling Classes at Second City (Chicago) to name a few. I’m constantly finding ways to improve and perfect my craft. My couples now have weddings filled with laughter, tears of joy, and moments of absolute euphoria. Their weddings are packed with emotion, and those emotions are shared by every guest. I have the honor of sharing the couples Love Story, and am able to tell it with sincere happiness. But most rewarding, is the friendship that develops throughout the entire experience.

I’m truly blessed to be doing what I love.


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